Professional Eyebrow Lamination Kit for Home Use – Nanobrow Lamination Kit. See How Easy It Is!

Eyebrow lamination at home? Only with the innovative Nanobrow Lamination Kit! It’s a complete set for long-wearing eyebrow lifting and lamination to define and add fullness to your eyebrow hairs with effects lasting for 6 weeks. Natural-looking, defined eyebrows? That’s achievable! DIY eyebrow lamination isn’t difficult if you have proper tools. The Nanobrow lamination kit contains all that you need to laminate eyebrows at home.

What does the Nanobrow Lamination Kit do?

The advanced eyebrow lamination kit Nanobrow softens the eyebrow hairs so they become more resilient and easy to manage. You get 6 weeks with perfectly shaped eyebrows without any touch-ups, after just one 30-minute treatment! The professional brow lamination kit Nanobrow will last you for as many as 10 laminations. Eyebrow lamination is a perfect choice for those who want naturally defined arches. A foolproof and easy way to give brows the desired shape and strengthen them. At-home brow lamination not only styles the brows but also enhances them from within, moisturizing and nourishing. After lamination, eyebrows are ideally shaped, lifted, smooth and defined plus have a natural shine.

The practical kit for brow lift and lamination from Nanobrow

nanobrow lamination kit

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Eyebrow lift kit Nanobrow – flawlessly-shaped brows for 6 weeks

Nanobrow Lamination Kit makes a DIY eyebrow lamination nice and easy. If you’re tired of stiff sticking out brow hairs, then eyebrow lamination is definitely the right choice. With the full eyebrow lift and lamination kit from Nanobrow, you will give brows the desired shape fast. The easy-to-use, professional eyebrow styling kit is great both for beauty salons and home use. This brow lamination kit includes everything that you need for laminating brows easily and quickly! Eyebrow lamination will add definition to the hairs, making them appear fuller and thicker, plus camouflaging all bald spots. Thanks to lamination, you can forget unmanageable, sparse brows. The treatment is great in a combo with brow tinting so go for it if you want super defined arches.

At-home brow lamination with Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Women love the Nanobrow Lamination Kit. It’s a popular brow kit because of precisely devised solutions, easy application, and wow results lasting 6 weeks. Your brows will be finally defined, more voluminous and become the incredible frame for your face and eyes. The eyebrow lift kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit – will make your brows look neat and elegant every day! DIY eyebrow lamination doesn’t need to be hard – you will manage even if you’re not a brow expert. Nanobrow Lamination Kit is available at attractive prices and the bottles will allow you to perform 10 laminations.

How to perform DIY eyebrow lamination?

With Nanobrow Lamination Kit, your at-home eyebrow lamination will always go smoothly!

Step 1. Remove makeup using an oil-free remover. The brow hairs must be free of oil so that the solutions are fully absorbed.

Step 2. Apply a small amount of the glue and wait for 25 to 50 seconds.

Step 3. Apply the lifting solution following the direction of hair growth.

Step 4. After 5 to 8 minutes, wipe it off using a dry cotton round.

Step 5. Apply the last solution to the brows and remember to keep the desired brow shape. After 5 to 8 minutes, remove it using a wet cotton round.

Step 6. Comb through brows and enjoy wow arches for many weeks!

Tip: the time of keeping the solutions on brows depends on the thickness and susceptibility of your eyebrow hairs.

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Voluminous, precisely brushed-up brows will add definition to your face and leave it younger looking. You can count on such results if you use eyebrow lift kit – Nanobrow Lamination Kit! It is the best way to tame unruly brows. DIY brow lamination delivers desired effects: camouflaged gaps, lifted arches and hairs locked in place for even 6 weeks – you can stop worrying and styling them every day. Laminated brows are trendy!

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