Celebrity among Mascaras – Lashcode for Out of this World Lashes

The explosion of stunning lashes is coming. It is all thanks to Lashcode. This mascara turned the world of cosmetics around once it was launched. Its way of working goes beyond all expectations.

Makeup has never been so satisfactory before. If you want to bring out what’s best in your lashes, decode their beauty owing to Lashcode. What’s the way of acting of the cosmetic ‘supernova’ which breaks all makeup rules we are familiar with? Why is Lashcode the hottest thing in beauty world in recent months? Meet mascara different than all the others and give yourself a chance for the celebrity-style makeup.

Lashcode Mascara – eyelashes that reach the sky

A mascara which builds extraordinary length and volume – the effect is visible after the very first coat. Eyelashes are very long, full and precisely separated. Thanks to Lashcode, makeup always looks fabulous and flawless. The mascara leaves no clumps, accurately coats hairs with a velvety ultra black formula and separates each and every lash. The result is amazing as all lashes – including the shortest and thinnest – get a nice definition. This gives the effect of multi lashes because Lashcode ensures the maximum volume throughout the lash line. It is a mascara which lets you get the multidimensional effect in makeup:

  • fuller-looking eyelash line
  • maximum extension
  • thicker lashes without clumps
  • definition and perfect lift

Lashcode Mascara – a brush which has a lot to offer

The brush in Lashcode mascara is like a brilliant tool in the hands of a master. It is an ergonomic brush which has the best arrangement of bristles possible, it has an ideal size, shape and dimensions. It is the first time lash makeup application is so easy and rapid, as well as precise. Thanks to the elastomer well-designed brush, Lashcode is able to reveal the full spectrum of makeup possibilities. The elliptic shape of the wand easily reaches the thinnest lashes covering them with velvety blackness – with no clumping, sticking or overloading with the product.

The brush has been designed as to effortlessly intensify volume and build up the effect – soft day makeup, gentle romantic fanned out lashes or bolder and wilder look? With Lashcode, you are going to create defined sexy look for the evening without much effort. Several effects in one mascara – another phenomenon when it comes to Lashcode.

Lashcode Mascara – breakthrough in lash care

There’s more to Lashcode than makeup. No other mascara has ever had so many lash nourishing and fixing ingredients. Plant extracts have great regenerating power – they improve the condition of lashes, reinforce from the bulbs to the tips, stimulate growth, protect and make sure lashes look good and have the right moisture level.

Lashcode equals effective lash care and a mascara which saves tiny lashes from damage. Brilliant composition translates to great makeup and well-being of your lashes. Soy germ extract, wheat extract, skullcap root extract, beneficial vitamins, amino acids and panthenol make up your ‘lash care team.

Lashcode Mascara – the best according to thousands of women

It is a … celebrity among mascaras. Lashcode rapidly gained popularity and is recommended by thousands of users. The Internet is filled with superb reviews which prove one thing: Lashcode is the best mascara – the winner of many rankings, topping the highest-rated and best-selling mascaras.

Lashcode opens up a full spectrum of possibilities and ideally combines flawless makeup with intensive conditioning effect. The lashes look fabulous through and through. This multidimensional makeup looks gorgeous no matter the conditions.

product website: lashcode.us

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