How to deal with acne? Try out shikimic acid

Do you often wonder how to get rid of acne, lighten discoloured skin or remove blackheads? Shikimic acid will come in useful – latest invention of cosmetologists. It will make your face pretty and your skin healthy.

Shikimic acid owes its name to Japanese Shikimi – star anise which it is extracted from. The plant is commonly used as a seasoning. It is also used in pharmaceutical industry as a preparation for obtaining anti-viral compounds, for the stimulation of production of vitamin K and as a delicate anti-inflammatory and anodyne preparation. On the other hand, in cosmetology shikimic acid is supposed to fight off post-sun discolouration, reduce acne and smooth fine lines. It offers anti-bacterial and exfoliating properties as well as moisturises, firms and regenerates the skin. Some cosmetologists say that the properties of 5% concentration shikimic acid correspond to 50% concentration glycolic acid.

How to use shikimic acid?

You can go to a beauty salon where experienced staff will choose the concentration suitable for your skin problem. You may as well condition your skin with the use of the acid yourself at home. If you do the treatment on your own, remember that the concentration of shikimic acid should be as low as possible. If you want satisfactory effects of the treatment, don’t forget about regular application of conditioning products. First of all, remove make-up thoroughly, cleanse the skin and do an exfoliating scrub. Then, apply a cosmetic with shikimic acid. You can apply it to the whole face or topically, to areas which require special care. These preparations have light consistency, rich ingredients and neutral scent. They are recommended for oily, acne-affected and combination complexion, regardless of age and gender.

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