Minerals on face – a few words about mineral cosmetics

Mineral cosmetics were first made in the United States. At first, they were aimed at women who would often undergo laser treatments, dermabrazion or microdermabrazion. After such treatments, the skin can be sensitive and irritated. It requires special care and dislikes “traditional” coloured cosmetics. Make-up with the use of mineral cosmetics does not weight down very sensitive complexion and helps to avoid post-surgery and post-treatment irritations. Mineral cosmetics became popular all over the world in no time. They are popular especially among women with sensitive, atopic and problematic complexion.


Mineral cosmetics are made from powdered mineral pigments. They are processed without the use of chemicals thus contain only natural ingredients. They are free from chemicals, preservatives, artficial colourans and fragrance substances. The products contain minerals which do not clog sebaceous glands therefore they are non-comedogenic. What is more, pure minerals do not transfer bacteria. They are recommended for acne and oily complexion. They mattify and provide perfect coverage – all women, who struggle with freckles or skin discolouration, are going to love it. They will also cover minor scars.

  • do not irritate the skin;
  • they are very lightweight; you don’t feel them on your skin;
  • they have a positive influence on the complexion;
  • do not clog the pores;
  • free from comedogenic action;
  • do not contain preservatives or fragrance substances;
  • they are waterproof;
  • they have long expiry date;
  • they protect from the damaging UV radiation;
  • they don’t transfer bacteria;
  • they are suitable for every type of complexion.

Presently drug stores offer wide range of mineral products for make-up: foundations, powders, blushers, eyeshadows, bronzers, lip glosses, lipsticks, lipbalms and mascaras. Most of them are loose therefore it is extremely important to learn to apply them to the skin. They are usually applied to dry face with a brush.

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