NANOIL Castor Oil – a source of precious ingredients for your skin.

Castor oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil) is one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetic products available on the market and natural homemade cosmetics. It is a remedy for problems with hair, skin, brows, lashes, or nails. The 100% natural and unrefined NANOIL Castor Oil is a source of valuable nutrients and fatty acids. Get to know how it works!

Castor oil – a source of valuable ingredients

Castor oil, extracted from the castor bean plant, contains fatty acids (linoleic, stearic, and oleic) important for the skin and hair. The ricinoleic acid – the main component of the oil, can’t be found in any other natural oil. It’s a thick colourless or slightly yellow liquid with a delicate nutty smell, which is practically imperceptible. This cold-pressed oil has been used in cosmetics and medicine for generations. It’s also a source of vitamins (A and E) and nutrients beneficial for the skin and hair.

How does castor oil work?

The unique advantage of castor oil is that its structure resembles human keratin, which allows the oil to penetrate deep into the structure of hair and skin and support their regenerative processes.

Castor oil is best known for its beneficial effects on hair. Used as a hair mask, or serum for ends, it makes the hair more resilient, boosting shine and preventing damage. Applied with your fingertips to your scalp as a rub-on conditioner, it stimulates microcirculation, stops hair loss, strengthens and nourishes the follicles, and promotes the growth of healthier and stronger hair. It’s also recommended as a remedy for dandruff, itching, and scalp irritation. Used as a serum for ends, it prevents them from splitting and breaking and protects them from heat or mechanical damage.

NANOIL Castor Oil also works as a natural conditioner or serum for lashes and brows. Regular application of the oil gently darkens the hair, giving them a healthy shine. Ricin can stop the excessive lash and brow loss, strengthening the follicles and hair structure.

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is a panacea for breakouts, inflammation, or skin imperfections. Used as a face serum it helps to combat acne, deeply moisturises and rebuilds the natural hydrolipid skin barrier. It also works as a makeup remover and it’s great for cleansing the skin with oils.

Due to its thick and rich formula, castor oil is rarely applied directly to the body. But it’s perfect as a booster for your moisturising cosmetics. Just add a few drops of oil to your favourite cream or lotion, and it will boost their effects. A body massage using castor oil can effectively banish cellulite and stretch marks.

NANOIL castor Oil benefits:

  • it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal properties,
  • it has versatile uses in cosmetics,
  • it combines the action of serum, booster, and moisturizing cream,
  • it is 100% natural, organic, cold-pressed, and certified by Ecocert,
  • it rebuilds the hydrolipid skin barrier and protects it from damage,
  • it promotes the growth of hair, brows and lashes,
  • it has strong moisturizing and lubricating effects (on hair, skin, and nails),

NANOIL Castor Oil 

The oil is enclosed in a dark glass bottle with a handy dropper. NANOIL castor oil is a universal cosmetic with versatile uses. The amber glass bottle provides excellent UV protection so that the oil retains all of its valuable properties. The dropper allows for precise dosing – a few drops are enough to unleash the full power of vitamins and minerals of the exceptional castor seeds. NANOIL Castor Oil is a high-quality organic and eco-friendly product certified by Ecocert.

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