Natural Deodorant Cream: Is It a Good Choice?

The craze for eco-friendly solutions isn’t passing. And we’re happy about that because health and the planet should always be the priority. Since we found out that most antiperspirants are harmful, we’ve been searching for safer alternatives that also control the sweat and odour. Is it possible to find this holy grail? A cream deodorant may be one! See what it does and if it’s worth adding to your personal-care kit.

What is a deodorant cream?

Most deodorant creams are made from natural substances and are free from damaging ingredients found in traditional antiperspirants. A natural deodorant cream combines substances that neutralize the activity of bacteria causing the odour. Unlike synthetic antiperspirants, it doesn’t clog the sweat glands or contain hazardous aluminum. The formula is based on soda, natural oils and is often enriched with essential oils. The makers of cream deodorants use many natural substances to create the most eco-friendly as well as skin-friendly recipes.

Natural deodorant cream: what ingredients can you expect?

Oils or butters (or combination of both) will be there for sure. Baking soda is a chief ingredient because it gives freshness and keeps bacteria from proliferating. Coconut oil has a similar effect and is a natural antiseptic. Organic maize starch and cosmetic clays keep the skin dry and fresh all day, preventing the sweat. Lots of natural deodorants contain waxes (e.g. beeswax) to be thick enough for easy use.

Diatomaceous earth is less popular but it works great, absorbing the sweat and working well on sensitive skin. Sodium bicarbonate is responsible for neutralizing the odour, plus it prevents sweat stains on the clothes.

Cream deodorant: effects

  • it protects and conditions the skin
  • it can be used after hair removal because it doesn’t irritate the skin
  • it eliminates the odour
  • it keeps bacteria and microbes from proliferating
  • it freshens skin up and often has a nice aroma
  • it guarantees long-lasting comfort

Why is natural deodorant cream a good choice?

  • natural, safe formula
  • neutral components that maintain balance
  • addition of skin-conditioning ingredients
  • exceptional scent compositions
  • non-irritating, gentle on sensitive skin
  • can be used right after hair removal
  • it usually lasts you long
  • it prevents stains on shirts

Downsides of natural deodorant creams

Without doubts, the price is discouraging. A quality natural deodorant cream is often a few times more expensive than “ordinary” antiperspirants. Also, some people don’t like the herbal, citrus or mint aromas. There’s a remedy, though. Choose aroma-free versions or look for the aromas you like, the choice is huge. A natural deodorant cream works well but the skin needs some time to get used to it.

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