Say NO to acne! How to achieve flawless and beautiful face?

Pimples, blackheads, skin inflammation. Acne mainly affects adolescents, however, it is not a rule. Nowadays, more and more adults struggle with problematic skin. If you want to get rid of those unwanted surprises that occasionally appear on your face, you have to brace yourself in patience. Unfortunately, care and treatment will go on for a very long time.

Where does it come from?

Sebaceous glands, under the influence of hormonal disorders, improper care, diet or even genetics, produce excessive amounts of sebum. The skin covers with an oily layer that clogs pores and causes bacteria spreading. What is more, too aggressive care and popping pimples also contribute to skin problems. Additionally, products with the content of alcohol or other strong detergents remove not only sebum but also the protective layer from the skin. Therefore, in order to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and at the same time, leave it hydrated, the skin produces more sebum. What are the results? Acne increases, new pimples and blackheads start to appear and the complexion looks worse.

How to overcome acne?

Start by applying gentle cosmetics designated for sensitive skin. It makes no sense to use products for oily skin and acne, because they usually only cause worsening of acne. In this case a good solution would be scrubs and acids (for example glycolic or lactic acid) of low concentration. It takes usually about a month to notice first results. The fight against acne starts with a thorough facial cleansing. Remember to remove make-up and impurities from the pores of the skin every single night. Use gentle and effective formulas. Replace soap with micellar water and salicylic acid gel with a fruit tonic. Did you know that acne skin care requires moisturising creams? Make sure to select the ones that do not have comedogenic properties, do not include paraffin, petrolatum and other fatty substances. A good idea would be to purchase a cream with sunscreen. Pay special attention to the ingredients; in acne skin care the following components are valuable: green tea extract, chamomile extract, camomile and vitamins A, E and C.

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