The most beautiful and natural make-up in 3 simple steps

Make-up done in 5 minutes? It’s possible! You don’t need magic nor a personal make-up artist. You can do it on your own and you’ll save some time in the morning to peacefully drink a cup of energizing coffee. We will tell you how to create a make-up that is natural, effective, quick, and able to emphasize your assets. Let’s go!

Before you start with the make-up

Keep in mind that even the most professional make-up will not look good is your face wasn’t cleaned properly that is why you should start your morning with skincare routine. Wash your face with a gentle facial liquid or foam, wash down all the mess, refresh the face with toner, use a serum or face cream. In the morning, your skin will surely appreciate a dose of vitamin C or hyaluronic acid – those two precious ingredients can be delivered with a good face serum. Once the skin is clean and ‘satisfied’, you can move on to the make-up.

Beautiful and natural make-up in 3 steps


If you prepared the skin, there is no needĀ for you to use a make-up base, heavy foundation, or powder. Take a good quality BB cream and apply it to the skin – it is even better if it has nourishing and refreshing properties. That is how this cosmetic should work. BB creams have been created to camouflage imperfections while healing, nourishing, regenerating, and protecting the skin against UV rays. Therefore, use the power of a good BB cream or – for the mature skin – CC cream with anti-aging properties.

2. FOCUS ON THE EYES – mascara and brows gel

Eyelashes are a very ‘grateful’ element of the make-up because some mascara is enough to make your face gain feminine and attractive appearance. We heartily recommend mascaras that not only serve as a step in make-up but also nourish the eyelashes. Thanks to it the lashes are delivered the nutrients, are regenerated, and (in case of the best quality mascara) can stimulate eyelashes to healthy growth. Mascara is no ordinary cosmetic so choose it well so that is is applied easily, nourishes, and doesn’t cause allergy. Apply two coats of mascara and if you opt for a more natural look – just one cost should do the trick. The eye will instantly gain depth and definition.

Did you know that nowadays many people quit the use of mascara altogether? They nourish eyelashes with a high-quality serum that makes lashes grow longer, stronger, and more beautiful so they no longer need mascara. Isn’t that a nice perspective? To reach for the mascara only when you want to not when you have to?

Another element of your make-up should be brows gel or so-called brows mascara. Use it if your brows are thin and require more definition. If your eyebrows are the exact opposite, you can just skip this step.


There are women who proclaim that shimmer is a women’s best friend. We also believe that it should find its place in your bag. Use subtle shades of nude or pink and your lips will immediately become juicy, full, smooth, and glossy. If you prefer mattifying lipstick, you can go ahead and use it for your day make-up because it is available in various colors so there will certainly be something for you. Buy matte lipstick that is long-lasting and can survive any meal and hours spent at work.

That’s it, you’re ready! If you have oily skin remember to keep blotting sheets at hand to remove excess sebum during the day – they can mattify the skin without removing the BB cream you have on. Good luck!

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