„Welcome to the jungle” – Tropical look from Essence

Essence is famous for its thoughtful and stunning topical lines with new, surprising shades and very often entirely new cosmetics. This summer was dominated by Essence with its tropical collection with lively and beautiful colours. Exit to explore is a collection, which amazes with entirely new colours in shades of tropical lands.

In the line are three shades of eye shadows, decorated with floral motives straight from Amazonia. Eye shadows in colours of violet, dark green mixed with cold brown and beautiful shade of delicate peach. These eye shadows have very funny names: Apricot cackatoo, You can, toucan, Queen of the amazons. This is yet another characteristic thing about Essence. Furthermore, quite curious proposition are colourful lipsticks, very soft, well pigmented, with gentle scent of mint, which at the same time cool down chapped lips. In particular the attention deserves nail polish in beautiful and tropical colours. Amazingly stunning is nail polish in emerald shade with iridescent, golden particles and cunning name Liana’s in the Jungle, the other one is – in colour of fuchsia with deep shades of silver.

Quite interesting and tempting option is transparent lip gloss, which after application gently oxygenates and gains shade of subtle pink. Oxygenating cosmetics are truly long lasting and that means perfect for the summer. This lip gloss stays on lips no matter if you’ve just drunk the coffee or eaten the lunch. Throughout the day you can be sure that it won’t disappear from your lips. The lip gloss is granted with flirty name Lily’s kiss and suggests that it will stay on the lips even after some kisses. This cosmetic leaves lips subtly glossy, moisturised, and with beautiful shade (transparent products adjust to skin pH and provide colour perfect for every skin complexion). Another cosmetic with recognition is beautifully made blusher, decorated with the jungle motives, which is mix of two shades – subtle peach in warm colour and cold shade of pink. Thanks to double shade, this cosmetic allows colour matching every make-up and skin complexion. So, you can choose shade of pink, warm peach or blend them any way you want it.

The entire tropical collection from Essence is definitely worth the attention and makes our hearts beat in the rhythm of the Amazon jungle.

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