What to do to look young and beautiful?

Most women dream about keeping their young appearance for as long as possible. Unfortunately, we tend to harm our skin unconsciously. Have a look on what cosmetics should be used, what to eat and how to take care of ourselves. Such tips will definitely help you make your dream about flawless skin come true.

Use the sun with caution

Do you know that 30 minutes is enough for your body to produce the appropriate amount of vitamin D and for your skin to gain nice brownish shade. However, if you extend your sunbathing time, there is a strong possibility that burns, pigmentations and fine lines will appear on your skin. If you plan to expose your body to sun radiation through the whole day, make sure to use a good sunscreen. Did you know that some girls use creams with SPF even during winter?

Avoid stimulants

Cigarettes and alcohol are harmful not only to our skin. They have a very negative influence on the internal organs, as well as physical and mental condition. The toxic substances contained in cigarettes and alcohol dry out the skin, cause wrinkles and discolouration. You probably did not realize that people who smoke or who are passive smokers, are ageing much faster than those who avoid cigarette smoke and have a healthy lifestyle.

Do not touch your skin

Pressing, pinching, stretching and even stroking worsens the condition of the skin. Therefore, fine lines and discolouration appears on your skin. What is more, touching your face with dirty fingers can lead to acne or irritation. What to do? During the day, use an antibacterial gels or wipes. Remember to wash your hands as often as possible. However, the best you could do is to give up this bad habit.

Eat clean

If your diet lacks vitamins and minerals, the skin condition worsens immediately. By eating valuable products and drinking at least 1 litre of water, you will help your body stay healthy and have a beautiful skin. Remember to eliminate highly processed foods, soft drinks, fats, sweets and salty snacks from your diet. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits at least three times a day. Changing your lifestyle is the key to success.

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