8 Hacks for Bigger-Looking Styles + Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer Review

The problem of lifeless and flat hair appears to be more common among women than most of us think. Interestingly, it doesn’t really matter what texture the hair is, whether it’s curly or straight, long or short – it seems that all types of hair struggle with holding the volume. This means that it needs some support, some helper to stay bigger and more alluring. Thankfully, we know a product and a couple of easy-to-follow tricks that can help you create the desired look without you putting in much effort. The product is Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer, which we will talk about a bit later. Now, let’s focus on the bigger hairdo hacks.

Hacks for bigger & voluminous hair

More voluminous hair suits everyone. Bigger hairstyles seem to be more attractive, helping you feel more feminine. Learn our eight simple tricks for fluffier and ladylike styles.

  1. A good haircut always works. The volume of hair doesn’t really depend on its length. Layering can work wonders on long and heavy hair. Surprisingly, this technique won’t help fine hair at all. Just ask your hairdresser to give you a haircut that suits your hair type best.
  2. Switch your part from time to time. Even though it may sound unbelievable, hair gets used to the way you style it every day. Arranged the same way again and again, hair slowly loses the much-desired volume. That’s why, once you change the part, the hair should remain fluff longer than for just a couple of minutes.
  3. Wash your hair with gentle shampoo if you want to create XXL-size styles. Cut down on heavy, oil-rich cleansers, and go for delicate shampoos formulated with mild cleansers. From time to time, you may try using volume boosting shampoos, but don’t expect them to deliver spectacular results. Reaching for a dry shampoo may also work out. Apart from giving you the instant feeling of freshness, a dry shampoo adds more texture to hair, making it look fuller.
  4. Volumizing rollers may also serve your hair right. These tools can help create a controlled chaos on your head, thus making your mane look more voluminous and fuller. You just need to roll your wet hair at bedtime, and take the rollers off gently and carefully in the morning. The only downside is that some ladies simply find it difficult to get a good nighttime rest having the rollers attached to their heads.
  5. Lightweight volume boosters work wonders on all hair types. Regular mousses, gels and hairsprays are also known for adding more volume to a style, yet they aren’t a good long-term solution. Not only do they contribute to dryness but also the effects they deliver don’t last long. On top of that, these products tend to leave hair stiff and unmovable, which doesn’t add charm to your appearance, does it? Instead, reach for lightweight styling sprays like Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer that helps you create salon-worthy results that last.
  6. Use only lukewarm water for rinsing hair products out. Low temperatures smooth out scales that the outermost layer of hair is composed of. This results in shinier and sleeker strands. Additionally, once the scales overlap each other closely, they create a kind of barrier that locks water inside the hair. As it’s easy to guess, this gives you moisturized, thus thicker and healthier hair that looks better.
  7. Flip your hair upside down while using a blow dryer. In this way, you will make the root stand up straight, which naturally leads to more voluminous styles. If you have a diffuser, go ahead and put it on the nozzle. This little round accessory spreads the hot air-stream more evenly, stimulating the roots – lifting it off the scalp.
  8. Don’t resign from applying a hair conditioner. If you aim at volume, try investing in a product enriched with hydrolyzed keratin. This protein is needed if you want to add more body to the strands. Keratin reverses damage and makes the hair stronger, thus easier to work with and style.

Volume-boosting Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer

Why should you consider getting Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer? This is the only styling spray proven to add more volume to all types of hair, even the most demanding ones. It suits everyone because it:

  • creates XXL-size blowouts
  • needs just a couple of seconds to lift roots off the scalp
  • protects hair from external aggressors
  • is easy to use and lasts long
  • doesn’t clump hair together
  • creates natural-looking finish
  • traps water inside for lasting hydration
  • has a wonderful aroma that stays on hair for long

These benefits are owed to the carefully selected ingredients that are proven to be essential for hair. Wheat proteins, panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) and hydrolyzed keratin take good care of the strands, making them visibly smoother, softer and fluffier.

See the effects for yourself! Thanks to Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer you will double the size of your style effortlessly. You can order this styling spray on the official Nanoil website nanoil.us. Get yourself this brilliant volume booster and enjoy your thick and full-looking styles every day!

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