Body acne, spots and bumps… What causes them and how to fight them effectively?

Pimples and spots on the body are very bothersome and common. The unwanted blemishes may be extremely invasive appearing on the face as well as scalp, ears, back, chest and stomach. Shockingly, they like to affect the legs and elbows too! How to get rid of them? What do they signal? Can they be the symptoms of a disease? Find answers below.

Pimples, bumps and spots on the body. What causes them?

Both adolescence and adult acne as well as other imperfections mean the body is struggling with inflammation. Toxic substances and dirt accumulate on the skin’s surface and in the body. They may signal some worrying processes – also related to diseases – affecting the body. To detect the cause, you must see which part of your body is affected by comedones or itchy spots – legs, elbows, back, thighs or maybe something else?

Spots on the neck, chest and shoulders

The pimples on the neck may be the symptom of hormonal imbalance and thyroid problems.

Spots on the chest may reveal fungal infection, oversensitivity to certain foods or allergy to synthetics that many clothes are made from.

Spots on the hands and arms

The spots in this body area may mean deficiency of vitamins. If you want to fight them, eat more vegetables and fruits, and try supplements. Additionally, remember to moisturize the skin in this region quite often.

Spots on the stomach and thighs

Pimples on the stomach are very rare. If they happen to appear, they may be triggered by tight clothing, preventing the skin from breathing.

Spots on the thighs are the most irritating in the summertime when we like to wear shorts or dresses. They shouldn’t be worrying, though, because they aren’t caused by infection or illnesses: usually wrong skin-care products and detergents are the wrongdoers.

Spots and bumps on legs

Such blemishes are usually caused by improper hair removal or wrong skin care. If you use harsh dehydrating products, you cause damage to the protective hydro-lipid barrier of skin, which leads to dry, itchy spots on your legs. Infection, or folliculitis, is another possible reason for this problem, particularly if you overuse one razor and never disinfect it.

Spots on elbows

If you see some bumps or spots on the elbows, you may blame the allergy. They are common among both adults and children. The allergic reaction may be caused by the washing powder, fabric softener, all kinds of beauty products. The factors that trigger the occurrence of spots include poor immunity, strong stress or constant fatigue. Ideally, you should visit an allergist or dermatologist to rule out AD (atopic dermatitis) or other conditions.

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