4 Essential Elements that Will Improve Your Skin in a Flash

Flawless skin is an essential element of our good looks. There are lots of pricey products featuring tongue-twisting-name substances that promise wonders. You don’t need to clear your account to get an enviable beautiful face. Good results are achievable with all-natural and age-old ingredients. You should think of incorporating some good habits too. See the details!

Oils, omega and touch of luxury for skin

Nourishing and protection are the base of skin care so remember about essential fatty acids. Why? Because fatty acids are in all cell membranes linking them together. The balance of the acids will help you keep the skin healthy and radiant. It turns out, though, that most of us fail to provide the skin with an optimal amount of omega-3 acids. Reaching out for a quality natural face-care oil is all it takes! Choose an unrefined and cold-pressed one. The top list features argan oil, jojoba oil and almond oil. Also remember that omega acids should be delivered from within so get some fish oil and take it regularly.

Sleep, aka the best skin-care product for any skin

The body cells bounce back mostly during sleep so the skin undergoes the strongest repair at night. And that’s why it’s said that sleep is the best cosmetic for the skin. It’s essential for the natural process of producing collagen and elastin. Do you know they are called the proteins of youth? It’s because they keep the skin strong and elastic, delay the occurrence of wrinkles and make the face younger-looking. So, do your best to get enough sleep. If you sleep from 5 to 6 hours a day it’s definitely too little for the skin to repair fully. Sleep in combination with a good face serum work wonders!

Exercising for better skin

Do you know what happens to your body when you exercise? The blood flow is increased so oxygen can flow to all cells and muscles. The skin looks radiant and has a healthy tone. You don’t only shape the body but also the face, plus skin has a nicer color. Try face yoga to experience the powerful effect of exercising on the skin. After just two weeks you will see the effects – the shape is corrected, the skin is plumper. Massage also works great since it stimulates blood circulation and promotes better absorption of conditioning products.

Water: an essential skin-care ingredient

Everybody repeats that mantra and so do we: drink water, around two liters per day. When your body is dehydrated, the skin goes dry, tired-looking, pale and saggy. It really loses plumpness. Apart from mineral water, green, chamomile, nettle or horsetail tea is great for keeping the body hydrated. Hyaluronic acid is a superb skin hydrator so ideally find a good hydrating face serum (containing low molecular weight HA) and use it regularly in the morning to make sure the skin has sufficient moisture all day.

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