Paraffin wax in cosmetics: pros and cons.

Paraffin wax is considered a very controversial ingredient of cosmetics. It helps some girls to improve the condition of skin and hair whereas others find it harmful. What do you make of this substance? If you have no opinion about paraffin wax, read about all pros and cons.

Paraffin – what is it?

It is an odour-less and clear substance called an emollient. Its main task is to provide the skin with protective barrier. It moisturizes and keeps the amount of water in the skin necessary for the proper functioning of the body. It is recommended for very dry and atopic skin. It is said that paraffin is contaminated, has low quality and causes irritation. Why? After all, it is produced in the process of oil distillation. On the other hand, paraffin used for the production of cosmetics has completely different properties. Some people say that it clogs the skin pores, triggers acne and has a bad influence on the hair and complexion.

Paraffin in cosmetics

Paraffin in products can be found under the following names: Paraffinum Liquidum, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Vaseline, Oleum Paraffini. It is included in balms, shampoos, creams, foundations, and even pharmaceuticals. Who can use cosmetics containing paraffin? All those who don’t have oily, combination and acne complexion, oily hair and scalp. Paraffin is a great moisturizer for parched lips. It conditions atopic skin and skin prone to irritation.

Paraffin is also an ingredient of hand and foot care products. It works perfectly for scaly, dry and irritated epidermis. It deeply moisturizes and softens rough and hard heel skin. Paraffin occurs in hair care cosmetics as well. What properties does it have? It smooths, moisturizes and prevents frizz. It can be found in ampoules, masks and conditioners.

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