White face powder? What do you need it for?

Do you struggle with keeping your make-up on throughout the day? Does your skin start shining and a drugstore powder loses the battle to sebum? White face powder is perfect for you. Such product will not only matte your skin but also control the amount of sebum for hours. Additionally, it will provide a satin finish and due to the fact that it is translucent, it will not leave any stains or smudges. Moreover, the colour will always be harmoniously integrated with your complexion and what is more – face will look favourably in any light.

Nowadays, the cosmetic market offers a wide range of white powders – loose or pressed. The only difference is the substance which the products are made of. We can choose from two types of white powders: rice and bamboo. What is the difference? Which one will suit you better?

1. Bamboo powder

It derives from bamboo stalks. Due to the fact that the product strongly absorbs excess sebum and intensively mats, it is highly recommended for people who have oily skin. The product contains 90% of silica, therefore apart from smoothing and mattifying effects it also nurtures the skin. It provides antibacterial and soothing properties. Additionally, it takes part in healing some small (post acne) wounds. What is more, it regulates the work of sebaceous glands.

2. Rice powder

This is a more gentle form of the white powder. It is made of rice flour and provides mattifying effect. However, it is not as strong as bamboo powder. All women who have combination to normal skin can successfully use it. Rice powder is safe because it will not over-dry the parts of your skin that require moisturising. Furthermore, it evens out the skin tone and makes it softer. It is worth mentioning that this product is perfect for photo shoots because it reflects light better than bamboo powder.

All things considered, one has to conclude that if you struggle very oily skin, you should better choose bamboo powder. However, if you have combination or normal skin, rice powder will work better for you. It is worth mentioning that both types of powder are completely natural, free of chemical and comedogenic substances. Your skin will welcome them with gratitude.

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