Cat Eyes – Simple make-up in shades of nude

Intense eye make-up not always fits daytime make-up. Our proposition was created based on autumn season trends in shades of nude. Thanks to it, your eyes will gain expressive look and make-up will do easily in the evening or daytime, e.g. for work.

  1. Apply make-up base, foundation matching your skin complexion and powder face with transparent powder. Administer blusher on the cheeks – it can be in slightly peach or brown shade.
  2. On eyelids apply eye shadow base – it’ll guarantee eye shadow to stay on skin and does not allow it to rub off after few hours. On top of that eye shadow base will make the product crease-resistant.
    Now take grey and brown matte eye shadow or just brown eye shadow (it is important for it to be matte). Remember that eye shadow cannot go outside the eyelid. Furthermore, if you do not have eye shadow brush, do it with your finger.
  3. With eye pencil in shade of dark chocolate draw a line on the entire (upper and lower) eyelash root line. It is important that eye pencil is not brocade or pearl, because it would disturb the concept of matte on the eyelid. Now gently rub the line with flat brush. The best effect can be achieved by rubbing eye pencil on the upper edge. Thanks to it, line will be intense near eyelash root and eyes will be beautifully underlined and look deeper.
  4. Apply black mascara (best with effect of extremely long and dense eyelashes for more intense cat eyes). Perform eye brow make-up.
  5. On lips administer delicate colour in shade of nude. Best if you have matte lipstick or lip gloss in delicate colour. It will complement the entire look and perfectly compose the make-up. In the evening you can switch it with lipstick in more intense colour. In the autumn rule dark shades of violet and red.


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