How to remain young and beautiful? Use Slow Age cream from Vichy

How to remain young and beautiful? Use Slow Age cream from Vichy.

Women constantly strive for perfection. They are willing to use variety of creams, undergo different treatments and spend a lot of time in beauty salons. You are lucky! You do not have to spend time and fortune on such treatments because experts from Vichy Laboratories will take care of you. How is it possible? See for yourself. Try out Vichy Slow Age facial cream, and learn how to stop the elapsed time and enjoy the beautiful and youthful skin.

Stress, poor diet, stimulants, sun and many others. Such factors have strong influence on the appearance of fine lines and discolouration. If you want to prolong your youthful look, start by changing your habits, lifestyle and use facial cream from Vichy. The product comprises thermal water, minerals, antioxidant substances and SPF 25 sunscreen. The cosmetics has been dermatologically tested and is completely safe even for sensitive skin.

How does Vichy cream work?

Its biggest advantage is that it delays the first signs of skin ageing. It smooths fine wrinkles, deeply moisturises the skin, lightens spots, reduces scarring, firms, improves the production of collagen and allows the skin to regenerate faster. Slow Age Cream protects the face from harmful UV radiation and prevents the appearance of sun spots, discolouration and photoaging.

How to apply Slow Age facial cream from Vichy?

Use the product every morning on cleansed and dried face. During application, avoid the eye area. The cosmetics has light texture, thanks to which, it is easy to spread on the face and quickly absorbed. It does not leave an oily coating on the surface of the skin. It is excellent as a base under your make-up or as a moisturiser. Vichy cream is white, therefore, it does not leave any marks or stains, and does not whiten your skin. What is more, it will blend easily with primer or other coloured cosmetics. Each packaging is equipped with a pump wich will facilitate every application. One bottle contains 30 ml of the product. Such amount of cream is sufficient for several months treatment.

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