Novelty from Lily Lolo – Mineral BB Cream

Lily Lolo is a cosmetic leader endorsing safe and mineral cosmetics, with no content of harmful or clogging ingredients. This brand constantly expands and gains popularity among make-up artists.

Recently, they released an amazing product, appreciated by bloggers and vloggers. We are talking about BB Cream. Beauty Balm kind of cream is – as every product from Lily Lolo – suitable for vegans, appreciate by healthy life style fans and most of all by those who knowingly choose skin care cosmetics deprived of chemicals.

BB Cream from Lily Lolo has very nice, aesthetic packaging in black and white tones. The look makes an impression of elegance and prestige of the cosmetic locked in the tube. BB Cream has volume of 40 ml/1.4 oz and its price is quite affordable as for the prestigious products filled with natural and mineral ingredients.

The cosmetic has light formula and applies very well on face. It immediately nourishes skin and expressively smoothers its structure. For this reason it is suitable also as a make-up base under mineral foundation. The cosmetic will provide make-up with durability and make it look much better, while skin gains fresh and radiant appearance. Furthermore, BB Cream from Lily Lolo consists of number of inhibiting ageing processes of the skin ingredients. In very gentle, but effective way it moisturises skin without leaving oily layer or mask effect. BB Cream ensures light, subtle coverage perfect for everyday. It can beautifully highlight skin and in delicate way make it firmer. Thanks to natural antioxidants contained in the product, skin preserves young appearance and its processes are not being disturbed.

This cosmetic consists of moisturising and conditioning ingredients, such as:

  • organic aloe – not only deeply moisturises skin, but also regenerates it and calms all irritations. It can be a rescue for dull, fatigued and prone to irritations skin;
  • jojoba oil – in an exceptional oil, which in its chemical structure is similar to sebum on human skin. Thanks to this, it can balance excess sebum secretion by oily skin and at the same time fill the deficits of it with dry skin.

BB Cream from Lily Lolo provides also an antibacterial protection.

It’s a prestigious cosmetic with the highest quality and worth of recommendation.

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