Draping: face contouring with blusher

Contouring is an express way for change of facial features for more slimmer. Few strokes of brush are enough to change your appearance dramatically. There are lots of techniques and methods of contouring and among them – draping. What is it and how to perform it?

New trend for draping was initiated by Marc Jacobs Beauty make-up artists. This revolution is expected to rule in the upcoming season. Moreover, this type of contouring relates to trends from 70s and is based on one cosmetic. Fresh and light look will replace heavy and expressive contouring with bronzer. What is draping all about?

Draping is nothing else but contouring with use of various shades of blusher. Can it be done? Of course, it can. A technique and some knowledge about which areas of face to emphasise, which to highlight and how to choose right shade is all you need. Gilbert Soliz, make-up artist for Marc Jacobs Beauty, has posted short tutorial for draping on his Instagram profile.

Change of face contour can be only optical. You just have to operate with light and colour in a right way to provide yourself with, e.g. visual face lifting. Usually to achieve it is used cosmetic trio – blusher, highlighter and bronzer, which combined ensure looked-for result. However, draping is focused on contouring with only blusher.

Did you know that…?

Draping is known for many years now. Its creator was Way Bandy, make-up artists for such stars like Cher. The idea of contouring with light he published in 1984 in his book “Design your face”, which to this day is considered to be a beauty bible.

The effect of slimmer face is not difficult to obtain. In general, it focuses on right blushing and highlighting given areas of face. It is important that for draping are needed few shades of pink. One is just not enough. Best are pressed cosmetics, though those with a bit creamy texture also do the trick.

Draping in 3 steps:

  1. Rise – two shades of light pink apply along the cheek bones.
  2. Model – darker, radiant blusher apply in oval motion on the cheek bones.
  3. Finish – light and dark blusher apply on face in areas most emphasised while smiling.

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