Glossy eye – a new trend in make-up

All bloggers have gone crazy over this new make-up trend. Glossy eye is an original eye make-up seen on the catwalks. If you are curious how to create this look, we will help you. In just seconds you will be able to alternate your make-up. Can you believe that you only need eyeshadows and a lip gloss?

Glossy eye is nothing else than a make-up made with eyeshadows and a lip gloss or vaseline. Such combination results in a glossy and…rather wet look. Stylist use cosmetics of professional brands, for example: Triple X Lip Gloss NARS, Studio Eye Gloss in Next Up Neon MAC, Eye Vinyl in Bridge NYX. However, to achieve even better results of glossy eye, firstly, do a smokey eye make-up. Next, apply a small amount of lip gloss and blend it over the entire eyelid. How to do it step by step? Read carefully.

First of all, apply a base, then your foundation and set everything with a translucent powder. Then, apply an eyeshadow base and allow it to dry. Next, do your smokey eye. In the inner corners of your eyes, apply the lightest shade from your palette. Use the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye. In the middle, use a medium eyeshadow and blend it all well. Make sure to use a brush with soft bristles to smooth the edges and to achieve a soft finish. Apply a nude colour on your waterline and a black eyeliner along your upper lash line. Now comes the time for lip gloss. It is worth remembering to use a clear one. Put a small amount of the product in the back of your hand and apply a tiny drop on the upper lid, with a small brush. Do not forget to use a mascara that adds volume. Your Glossy eye make-up is ready!

Glossy eye make-up is a style that conquers the Internet and is praised by many bloggers. Are they right? Everything depends on the quality of the cosmetics. If you use good eyeshadows, eyeliners and lip glosses, your make-up will last for several hours. If you feel that the skin on your eyelids is jelly-like and lashes are stuck together, it means that you did it incorrectly or applied poor quality products.

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