How much water does your skin need? An article about hydrating your body

Hydrating is one of the most important elements of daily skin care. By providing your skin with the proper amount of water, you will be able to prevent premature appearance of fine lines, dryness and damaged epidermis. Learn how to hydrate in order to enjoy beautiful body.

How to hydrate?

In order to enjoy a healthy and smooth skin for a long time, you need to moisturise it regularly. How to do it? Use such beauty products that reach the deepest layers of the skin and protect it from harmful factors from the external environment. What is more, you must keep in mind that that the most harmful to your body are: the sunrays, drugs, detergents, air conditioners and use of improperly selected products. In order to find the best remedy to your damaged skin, begin with specifying its present condition. If you struggle with dry skin which is always accompanied by itching and irritations, start moisturising immediately. For body care, use products without soap, with a pH close to the skin’s (between 3.5 and 5.5). You can use natural oil or cosmetic butter. Such products perfectly nourish the body, restore the protective lipid layer and visibly improve skin condition. Scrubs with small abrasive particles or enzyme peels will also be important means to achieve beautiful skin. These cosmetics exfoliate dead skin cells, smooth the surface of the body, firm the skin and allow lotions, balms, creams and oils to be better and faster absorbed.

Hydrating step by step

First of all, use a scrub which will exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate blood circulation, and prepare your body for applying the rest of the cosmetics. The best product will moisturise and soften the epidermis. A good idea is to add a few drops of nourishing oil to your bath. Additionally, preparations containing emollients, petrolatum, paraffin or lanolin might also work well. Apply strongly hydrating lotion, cream or butter after each shower. Keep in mind that regular use of these products is the key in treating your skin. Therefore, every morning, use products of light consistency which are quickly absorbed. However, in the evening, use thicker, richer formulas. Your skin will definitely appreciate your concern and care.

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