Looking for the best face serum? See the top products here!

Skin care must be based on the best products to bring the best results. By reading on you will find out why serum – out of all cosmetics – makes a very good choice. We uncover the secrets of top beauty products. See which face serum deserves to be labeled as the best pick!

There’s a reason why serum is said to be a “richer” product – its each drop holds a high concentration of substances. So, if we want intensive skin care, we should reach out for a face serum because a moisturizer isn’t enough. Which serum to pick then?

Face serums. Which one to choose?

Every product has a different story. We must realize that serums don’t have the same effect because they are rich in different active ingredients in high or low concentrations. The purpose and effect of serum depends on the components it’s made up of. See a cheat sheet with the best serums for different skin types and problems.

  • Dry skin: hydrating face serum based on hyaluronic acid (one of the strongest humectants) is a saver.
  • Aging skin: retinol serum works well but vitamin C also has antiaging properties.
  • Sallow, dull skin: ascorbic acid (vitamin C) serum enriched with nourishing plant extracts adds radiance.
  • Oily skin: sebum-normalizing serum with vitamin A and oils is a good remedy.
  • Acne-prone skin: two best-sellers – retinol and vitamin C serums – are the most effective.
  • Couperose skin: again, vitamin C serum comes to rescue because it strengthens capillaries.

What is the best face serum?

As soon as you know all types of serums, you must choose one product and it’s quite tricky – plenty of cosmetic companies offer face serums. We shouldn’t look just at the price or brand’s popularity, though. The most important things include the formula, consistency, size and – above all – the reviews. Below you can see the best-selling face serums that are worth picking if you seek intensive products giving real results.

Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum

1. Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum

A top choice on the market. It comes in a bigger bottle than most serums and has a competitive price – you pay for a real professional formula. It’s based on the stable vitamin C known as Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. Combining it with antioxidant-rich plant extracts results in a product which perfectly shields the skin against free radicals and the sun as well as sparks the repair process. This kind of vitamin C serum is dedicated to the aging skin and to reduce pigmentation marks, acne and broken capillaries. It brightens, illuminates, evens out the skin tone and has an antiaging effect. It’s all possible without congesting the skin with non-essential ingredients because the Nanoil Vitamin C Face Serum is a runny, non-overburdening, minimalist formula.

The Nanoil Vitamin C Serum and other Nanoil Serums (with retinol, hyaluronic acid, aloe and white tea) are available at www.nanoil.us.

2. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This one is a favorite of thousands of women who seek an enhancer to hydrate the skin and lessen the first signs of aging. The Estée Lauder Serum can be used on any skin but it doesn’t always give the same effect. The ChronoluxCB™ technology makes the base of the formula, guaranteeing the cell renewal. It’s one of the best picks if you want to enjoy rested-looking face after waking up but the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair costs big bucks and it doesn’t seem to pay off.

3. Sesderma Reti Age Serum

If you are searching for strong support for the aging skin, the Sesderma Reti Age Serum may be a good solution. This isn’t the strongest formula based on vitamin A but it’s surely one of the best-sellers. Used together with other Reti Age products (e.g. cream) it boosts the elasticity and smoothes the skin tone. The Sesderma Reti Age is oily and enriched with other vitamins, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10. The price of the serum is high.

4. Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure

As far as the Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure goes, the formula features six forms of hyaluronic acid so it has an intensified hydrating effect. This well-absorbed, colorless, runny product can be used on any skin type. If your skin is aging, it’s going to hydrate it as well as preserve its natural plumpness. The serum is enriched with a few oils and irritation-reducing panthenol. It’s a pity that 30ml bottle of the Image Skincare Ageless Total Pure costs a lot.

5. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The movie stars like to reach out for a face serum from Kiehl’s and that’s why it’s well-known. What does the formula hold? This lightweight, non-congesting serum is mostly made of squalane, lavender oil and evening primrose oil. This is a night serum with 99.8% naturally-derived components. It aids the nighttime skin repair and ensures revitalization. There are three bottle sizes you can choose from: 15, 30 and 50 ml. Too bad the Kiehl’s Serum is slightly overpriced.

6. Luna Sunday Riley Oil for Aging Skin

The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil is one of the best face serums intended for aging skin. The product has been made by a woman who tried to find a remedy for her daily skin-care struggles. The Luna oil-serum contains the innovative blue tansy oil extract and retinol. Thanks to them, the product is able to make wrinkles less noticeable, boost elasticity and lessen redness. Unfortunately the tiny 15-ml bottle has a high price.

7. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%

The Ordinary formula rich in vitamin B3 and zinc is another best-seller. The diversity of products and lightweight formulas have made women fall in love with the Ordinary. This one contains a low concentration of zinc and is high in vitamin B3, and consequently hydrates the skin and aids the repair. It works well on acne-prone skin but the small bottle doesn’t equal long treatment or long-term effect.