Let’s save split ends. What to do if hair ends are damaged?

Split ends do not necessarily need to equal trim. Before you book an appointment with your hairdresser, check how to regenerate them with at-home methods. Here are the best methods to save hair suffering from split ends.

Have you observed split ends? Don’t panic. You do not necessarily have to grab the scissors and cut it short because you can prevent further splitting and you can do it quite easily.

Why do hair ends split?

To understand why hair ends split, you need to understand how it is built. Hair has a bulb and the part that grows above the skin, which is made with a few layers. The external layer is made with cuticles which can rise or close and those are the one that determines hair porosity, which is the level of damage of hair. If the hair is damaged (high porosity), then hair cuticles are raised and what’s underneath is exposed and subjected to damage.

The reasons for split ends – the factors that make the exposed hair shaft damaged are various:

  • rubbing hair with a towel and pulling with a brush,
  • combing wet hair when its weaker,
  • use of rubber band as a hair tie, etc.,
  • sleeping with hair let loose,
  • lack of protection against the sun and temperature,
  • too often stylization with heat, touching and tying,
  • hormonal disorder and vitamin deficit.

How to save splitting hair?

You simply need to avoid the above mentioned things and hair will be healthy and ends won’t split. However, what can you do if you realize the fact a little too late? Here are the basic ways to deal with split ends – the instruction is in two steps and treats how you can help your hair to restore its strength, get rid of split ends, and protect it from further damage.

[STEP 1] Trim the hair ends

You cannot avoid it. Do not trust beauty brands who tell you that their serum is able to repair split ends because once hair split, you cannot just glue it back together with cosmetics. It can be achieved only in the hair salon with the use of Olaplex. The mysterious hair ends repair is nonother from plastering the hair with cosmetic’s formula to create the feeling as if the hair is healthier. It means that the first thing you need to do is to trim the ends. You do not have to cut much hair, just the damaged ends.

[STEP 2] Protect the hair ends

Another step is the protection of the hair against further splitting. Do not allow for the trimmed hair to be subjected to other damage. What can you do? Firstly, treat your hair gently so do not pull during the brushing, do not use heat, avoid tight ties and mechanical damages.

Apart from the above, you should also fortify your hair care. If you want to prevent further damage to the hair using natural oils and serum to the hair ends. Those two simple cosmetics can do a lot because the coat ends with a thin occlusive layer to prevent water loss and any damage to the hair. You should press it into the hair after the wash as well as before brushing/drying/tying.

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