How to moisturise face skin? a few tips and best cosmetics

Did you know that facial skin needs special care? Especially in autumn, when you want to get rid of summer souvenirs, such as: pigmentations, burns, broken capillaries, dry skin. Read the article and check out how to take care of sensitive, dry and irritated skin.

How does our skin look after summer? Usually, it is dry, covered with pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun, fine lines and visible broken blood vessels. Lack of some vitamins, minerals also contributes to worsening of the skin condition. If your complexion looks older than it truly is, it is high time you turned to professional regenerating treatments and hydrating cosmetics. What is more, another very important factor in the battle for a beautiful skin is your diet. It must be balanced, rich in proper vitamins and micro-elements. What should dry and sensitive skin care look like?

Morning routine. Start with using a delicate, moisturising toner and at the same time try to avoid using water and soap that can dry and irritate your face. Make sure to purchase only hypoallergenic products. Such cosmetics are fragrance, paraben, dye and preservative free. This is the reason why they do not cause any allergies. What is more, in dry skin care you will also need moisturising cream used as a base under the foundation. Additionally, apply hydrating and nourishing masks at least twice a week. For your evening routine, cleanse your face with non-alcohol gels and use gentle make-up removers.

Remember that for dry, prone to irritations skin care you must reach for cosmetics which will protect it from damages, and moisturise deeply. In this case, you can use products that contain the following components: aloe vera, shea butter, collagen or hyaluronic acid. Before you do the make-up, apply a thin layer of a sunscreen. Thanks to this step you will avoid the appearance of fine lines, and post-sun exposure pigmentation. Additionally, do not forget about an under eye cream or serum and a rich night cream. What is more, a massage with ice cubes will also provide good results. When buying facial skin care products make sure that they contain vitamins A, E, C and B. Also, look for coconut, avocado, macadamia or pumpkin seed oils.

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