Make-up for oily skin – step by step

Acne, blackheads, oily T zone. Women who have oily and combination skin type must struggle with such imperfections. If you are one of them, learn how to make and fix a make-up. Our tips and tricks are going to make you look beautiful all the time.

Make-up for oily and combination skin type is very difficult. Why? Acne, comedones, excessive sebum production and improper functioning of sebaceous glands will stand in your way. Besides, combination skin can get shiny in T zone – you may have big problems to matify this part of the face. So, what can you do to look pretty and fresh all day long? Wash your face with a delicate moisturising cosmetic designed for sensitive skin. Such product should be rich in antibacterial and soothing ingredients; it cannot contain drying substances like alcohol. Next, apply a light moisturizer as a make-up primer – it will provide the skin with a protective layer and make sebaceous glands produce less sebum; with the passage of time it will regulate their functioning.

First of all, cover the imperfections – use a spot concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone. Use a green concealer to cover red discolourations whereas a yellow cosmetic to hide grayness under the eyes. Then, apply the foundation. Choose the one that matches your skin type: slightly moisturises, provides matt finish, absorbs sebum excess and gives full coverage. Remember that you cannot apply to your face cosmetics which contain oily substances, including: paraffin, mineral oils, petrolatum. Set the whole make-up with a transparent powder containing natural ingredients. Next, apply a blusher or bronzer. Choose a light shade to give your face freshness. Use waterproof eyeshadows and mascara. Use oil blotting papers during the day – they remove sebum excess and reduce shine. Remember to powder your nose again.

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