School make-up? Few reliable tips

How to do a school make-up? Few reliable tips.

The school year has started for good. All girls want to feel great and look flawless. Having the most fashionable clothes and perfect make-up it not something bad, however, what to do when teachers do not allow make-up in school? Have a look at a few reliable tips considering a school look.

First of all, be subtle

The general rule is that the school look cannot be defiant. A much better solution is a light make-up just to even out the face in a romantic and girly tones. Choose cosmetics that will perfectly match your skin tone, and cooperate with your hair and eye colour. Remember not to overload the products. Too much foundation, powder or mascara will only make you look older. Keep in mind that people judge by your appearance. Therefore, smokey eyes, highlighted cheeks and loads of mascara are only suitable for a school party.

Secondly, care

Most teenagers struggle with acne-prone skin. Which is why they reach for products that will help to cover up any imperfections and even out the skin. Unfortunately, some girls still do no know that many of the colourful cosmetics can heal acne at the same time. What to do? Make sure to choose products especially designed for oily, combination or acne-prone skin. Such products should be light and oil-free. What is more, it is best to buy cosmetics with antibacterial ingredients and treating properties. Similar effects are provided by concealers and translucent powders.

Thirdly, health

Young girls will not need any make-up if their skin will be beautiful and well-maintained. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, at least 1 litre of pure water per day. What is also very important, start exercising regularly. Never avoid Physical Education classes at school, because those will have influence on your beautiful look. Additionally, use dermocosmetics found in the pharmacies, or preparations prescribed by dermatologists. It is a very good idea to use products rich in natural components such as: vitamins, fatty acids, fruit and herbal extracts.

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