Skin regeneration after summertime. How to do it properly?

Skin pigmentation, fine lines, freckles. Such summer souvenirs appear on the face after exposing our body to sun radiation. Unfortunately, not all of us are happy with this state of our face. What to do, to achieve beautiful look and radian complexion? There are a few reliable methods you should try out.

Method number one. Scrub

Exfoliation is a very effective way thanks to which your face will be smooth and beautiful again. You can prepare a scrub yourself at home or use drugstore or pharmacy products. You might as well take advantage of the offer of beauty salons and dermatologists. Qualified staff will choose the proper care and preparations accordingly to your needs. Try chemical peels, microdermabrasion or photodynamic therapy with the use of pulsed light. After these treatments you will be able to feel beautiful and special again.

Method number two. Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin – in other words botox, helps to reduce fine lines, and firm your skin. It is especially essential for people who gained crow’s feet during summer sun exposure, or wrinkles on the forehead. Such imperfections form whenever we squint our eyes because of a broad sunlight. What is the Botulinum toxin treatment like? A professional injects this substance into your skin. This leads to freezing the muscles and thus prevents crow’s feet or lion’s wrinkles from forming.

Method number three. Laser Therapy

Treatments with the use of lasers also provide tremendous effects. They smooth scars and wrinkles, brighten pigmentations. Such procedure is conducted by highly qualified dermatologist or cosmetologist. The results are visible at the beginning of the treatment. What can we expect? Your skin will be smooth, firm, healthier and more beautiful. The recovery time is relatively short, after only a few days you can put on make-up and use face creams.

Method number four. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid deeply moisturises, smooths and regenerates face. This substance is used in mesotherapy. It is injected in all places on the skin which require an instant improvement. Hyaluronic acid smooths fine lines, improves skin firmness, boosts collagen production. Treatments which are based on this valuable component, are done mainly in the eye, lips, neck and cheeks area.

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