Be like Elizabeth Taylor – Eye make-up in a minute

The art of make-up for a person who have no contact with it on the daily basis can be truly fascinating. It does not necessarily mean that it’s difficult. Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Taylor has on many occasions proven that you can perform make-up in just one minute. How’s this possible?

She is the actress, who very clearly has left her mark on the cards of pop culture. Everyone remembers her affair with Richard Burton, but also everyone can recall always perfect make-up of this collector of expensive jewellery. Now, when the light of day seen the archive film with Taylor performing eye make-up with one hand, we are going back to this element of her appearance.

Make-up in Elizabeth Taylor style

When we talk about make-up following style of Hollywood stars, we rather not imagine the style presented by current film actresses. We like to go back to make-up icons like Audrey Hepburn, or mentioned before Elizabeth Taylor. They are the one dictating certain trends and canons, which stayed in make-up to this day and are constant inspiration.

Make-up in Elizabeth Taylor style is and expressive and very minimalistic option. This British actress has perfectly master the art of eyeliner in combination with shades of blue. How some press reports indicate, this beauty was obsessed with underlining the whiteness of the eyes. That is way her colouristic gamut was so narrow and included only shades of blue, which is known to eliminate redness of the eyeball.

How to perform make-up in a minute?

Elizabeth Taylor in the uploaded video in a matter of few seconds performs the legendary make-up. The proficiency of actress’s skills in executing make-up with use of small brush and only one hand, surprises even today’s make-up artists, e.g. Mario Dedivanovica, who takes care of Kim Kardashian appearance. However, this skill is to be learnt by anyone.

The art of make-up. How to start?

  1. You have to know your face and know what works for it.
  2. The motion must be certain and very precise.
  3. It is best to move brush in one simple plane.
  4. The hand needs to be supported on, e.g. a cheek.
  5. Brush has to be placed stable in a hand.

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