Affordable Highlighters You Should Try

Highlighter is still truly underestimated product, which unfairly is being skipped in the everyday make-up. In the meantime, its use can make face look rested and fresh. The application of highlighting product on cheekbones makes face seem lighter and not so overwhelm with excess foundation and powder. Primary function of highlighter is to, of course, emphasise certain parts of the face. It is quite important element of professional contouring. Furthermore, it allows to focus the attention on given areas of the face. Therefore, highlighter is applied on cheek bones and on the central parts of face, i.e. forehead, the bridge of the nose and chin. However, you can easily underline with it the vertical line above the upper lip to make them look more natural.

Below list presents the best, affordable highlighters with the highest quality.

  1. Make Up Revolution I Heart Make Up – two beautiful highlighters; pressed and with large volume. These are hidden in a paper heart shaped box. This cosmetic resembles a bit products endorsed by Too Faced.
  2. Lovely – highlighters in two tones: warm, leaves golden glow on cheek bones and silver for people with cold skin complexion. These are well pigmented and create on cheeks beautifully shining surface. The highlighter with gold shade was called the successor of iconic products from The Balm.
  3. Wibo – is a highlighter with content of delicate, iridescent particles. It has shades of subtle peach and is perfect for women with warm skin complexion or warm iris colour.
  4. Catrice – singular eye shadow Liquid Metal – not everyone knows that some eye shadows can be easily used also as a highlighter. Eye shadow from Catrice is perfect for it. Beautiful and satin eye shadow with effect of smooth surface. It was called Serena Van Der Woodsen – in honour of the main heroine of the television series Gossip Girl.
  5. Essence – singular eye shadow no. 19. It is a satin eye shadow with cold shade and effect of mirrored surface, without particles but with intense shimmer. This cosmetic has very cold shade and you have to use it carefully, but if you decide to use it, the effect will outgrow all your expectations.
  6. Ingrid, illuminating powder. It is really large dose of highlighter, which through its delicate peach and vanilla shade is compared to mix of iconic products from The Balm, i.e. highlighter Mary Lou and delicate blusher Cindy Lou.

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