Brand new! Skin79 Clean-on 2 Step Nose Pack

Blackheads, acne, rash. Such imperfections appear on the faces of each one of us. Most unwanted surprises appear on the forehead, chin and nose. Fortunately, SKIN79 brand decided to take care of your facial skin. Clean-on Step 2 Nose Pack can be found in many drugstores in a reasonable price.

Mask Skin79 Clean-on Step Nose Pack 2 is recommended for all skin types. It easily removes impurities that have accumulated in the pores of the skin. Thanks to it, we are able to get rid of dirt, sebum and dead skin cells. As if it was not enough, the cosmetic from Skin79 brand has antibacterial, soothing and illuminating properties. The ingredients contained in the product minimise pores, regenerate skin, moisturise and exfoliate dead skin cells. In the Clean-on 2 Step Nose Pack we will find: powdered activated charcoal, green tea, tartaric acid and witch hazel.

How to use the mask from Skin79? First of all, start by doing a thorough make-up removal, and wipe your nose with a toner. As the first one, use the peel off mask. Stick the patch to the skin, pressing its edges against your nostrils. Moisten it gently with a toner, until you see dark grey colour. After about 10 minutes, vigorously tear the mask off the skin. Then, apply the hydrogel pad and leave it on your nose for fifteen minutes. Your nose will be clear after 25 minutes overall.

Clean-on 2 Step Nose pack from Skin79 comes in a green pouch. The packaging is decorated with an illustration of a cute hedgehog. The sachet is divided into two parts. In the first one, you will find the peel off mask. The second pouch contains the moisturising nose patch. The mask is a single use, disposable cosmetic.

Skin79 brand offers a wide variety of face products. In the online store you can find masks available in different animal shapes, moisturising with a carries to supply water, with bubbles and many, many more. Besides, the products from Skin79 are decorated with beautiful and funny drawings of plants and animals. You just want to try!

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