Everything what you should know about Nanobrow eyebrow serum and eyebrow care

For many many women eyebrow care plays a really important role. Healthy and neat brow hairs ensure that the eyes are beautifully enhanced and the face looks younger. Yet, there is one crucial issue connected with taking care of this face part. It’s about using the right products that are responsible for reinforcing, conditioning and stimulating eyebrow growth. This kind of product is Nanobrow eyebrow serum. What effects is it able to create? How to use it correctly? What ingredients does it contain?

Who can benefit from using Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum is recommended to everyone who wishes for improving the state and looks of their eyebrows. This beauty product delivers the most noticeable results to those who have short, thin and fair eyebrows. It also helps reinforce weak and thinning brow hairs by supplying them with nourishing substances. Nanobrow eyebrow serum will stimulate regrowth of eyebrows of those people who over-plucked them or lost them due to various reasons.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Effects

Nanobrow eyebrow serum affects both eyebrows and the skin they grow out of. The key functions of the serum include:

  • eyebrow growth stimulation.
  • extension and thickening of brow hairs.
  • color intensification.
  • reinforcement of weak and thinning eyebrows.
  • nourishment and reinforcement of brow follicles.
  • combating signs of ageing.
  • hydrating skin and eyebrows.
  • regeneration of weak and damaged eyebrows.

The above-mentioned effects can be achieved only when the brow boosting treatment isn’t discontinued. To expose eyebrows to complete treatment, you have to use one tube of Nanobrow, 5 ml. What’s more, Nanobrow eyebrow serum price corresponds to the effects it’s able to produce. The undisputed advantage of this beauty product are the plant extracts and active substances it’s made from.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Ingredients

The ingredients used in Nanobrow were selected to stimulate eyebrow growth and help them become more voluminous. Also, this eyebrow serum contains nourishing substances responsible for taking care of the brow ridge skin. Nanobrow eyebrow serum contains:

  • Baikal skullcap root extract – is an antioxidant (fights off free radicals responsible for ageing), regenerates weak eyebrows and protects against UV rays.
  • wheat sprout extract – nourishes eyebrows and their follicles, strengthens them and ensures that the brow hairs look good by intensifying their shine, making them soft and elastic.
  • soy sprout extract – protects against the adverse effects of free radicals, reinforces and regenerates weak eyebrows.
  • ginseng root extract – combats free radicals, regenerates damaged eyebrows, reinforces and stimulates accelerated growth.
  • arginine and panthenol – these two ingredients are responsible for moisturizing and preventing water loss.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Application

The appropriate use of Nanobrow eyebrow serum consists of a few stages.

  1. Complete makeup removal, skin cleansing and toweling it dry.
  2. Applying Nanobrow using just one hand motion. The amount of serum picked up by the applicator suffices to supply one eyebrow with the daily portion of nutrients.
  3. Nanobrow eyebrow serum is absorbed by skin and eyebrows quickly, therefore the product doesn’t leave any stains nor clumps it the brow hairs.

Undoubtedly, the biggest asset of Nanobrow serum is the applicator that the black tube comes with. Not only does it ensure quick and simple application but also it’s profiled to match the shape of brow ridge.

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